A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bad Hombres was made during Train Jam 2017. The theme of the jam was "unexpected anticipation."

Bad Hombres is that moment in a western where someone walks into a saloon, and nobody is sure whether they're there for a drink, or to shoot up the place.

You play as a saloon patron playing poker, and various potentially bad hombres walk in. Will you defend yourself, or will you shoot down an innocent man? Can you take down the bad hombres without becoming one yourself?


This is a simple reflex-based one-input game where players can replay to beat their previous high scores.

Train Jam Info:

This game was made in 52-hours aboard the California Zephyr express. If you would like to know more about Train Jam, visit their website: trainjam.com


  • Design and Code - Matt Donatelli
  • Art and Music - Sam Elsbernd
  • Sound Effects - Reuben Brenner-Adams and Roger Smith II

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip file. Run BadHombres executable, select resolution settings in the Unity pre-loader window, and press "Play!" to begin!


BadHombres.zip 13 MB
BuildMac.app.zip 16 MB
BuildLinux.zip 17 MB


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Great scope-management and juice! :D

I love it - the glint in the eye of the bad hombres and how well the music & game mesh together. Did you guys get any sleep on the train?

Thanks Andy! Yeah we bagged a good 10 or so hours of sleep across the 52 hour trip.

We purposefully limited ourselves to a simple idea so we could get as much polish in as possible. We're pretty pleased with how it turned out. :)